Lary is co-founder of Writing at the Mark Twain House, and is on the faculty of Yale University’s Writing Conference, where he leads a seminar on playwriting. He has taught memoir writing at Trinity College, Fairfield University, Wesleyan University, and with poet Suzanne Levine, memoir writing at locations around Connecticut, including the Florence Griswold Museum, The Essex Library, the Chester Library, R.J. Julia Booksellers, the Hartford Public Library, Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek, and the Hartford Jewish Community Center.  News of the next memoir class offering will be posted on this website.

Among the testimonials:

“I cannot thank you both enough. Life-affirming, hopeful, inspiring – you have been and continue to be all of these to me, and truly to each of us in this class, all in different ways.”

–Mary C. Leger

“Lary, your comments at the bottom of my counted words (I had never done that, in my life), every time, leave me speechless. Every time, I become quiet from awe, that wonderful feeling that you know better, that I’m not alone in this, and that my work matters enough to receive such a thoughtful comment. Damn awesome.

Suzanne, you speak, just like the poet would, with fewer words: each one right on, and volumes of truth are humming between the lines. I love to listen to you, you’re helping me see beyond myself in my writing though I’m not sure yet what that means. Thank you.”

— Carmen English

“I want to thank both of you for this wonderful writing experience and chance for introspective discovery, as per Sally’s couch. The class has been a wonderful learning experience.”

— Carolynn Pianta

“ I have felt like a bit of an underdog in your talented class but have enjoyed every moment of it. I especially appreciate how you and our class manage to be encouraging and positive to all of us while at the same time directing some very helpful suggestions to our weak points. I now find myself getting up in the middle of the night to jog down a thought, I am not as mindful a driver, at least of the road, for I mentally self-edit as I chug along and I am a growing consumer of stick-ems. I hope all this means I can eventually mix the good with the bad and leave some meaningful memories our children will read with pleasure and amusement.”

–Kay Brigham


“I’m sorry to see this 8 weeks session end. Your guidance has been invaluable.”

— Katherine Catalano


Lary and Suzanne,

“On the way home in my car from our excellent last class, I found myself nearly weeping with gratitude to both of you for these past two months.  I’ve been in so-called writing groups for many years, but none helped me to want to hone my work as you have done.  My first drafts usually seemed to please people, so I didn’t need to go any further.  Now I have your voices in my head and they won’t go away!  I’ll keep plugging at dialog, character, scene, structure in answer to the voices.  And I’ll keep hearing those questions: WHAT’S THE POINT? THE STAKE?  Thank you both very, very much EXCLAMATION POINT (my one for the year).  Can’t think of a better use for it”.

–Phyllis Satter

“It was a genuine pleasure working with you both, and I hope our paths will cross again very soon! Thank you both so much for everything!”

–Charlene Distefano


“Thanks a lot for the course. It has been really really good. Thank you for the chance you’ve given us all.”

— Paul Murray



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