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Online Essay on the Legacy of the Vietnam War


Children in a village near Hue that now has a water pipeline for the first time — installed by American war veterans. (Photo by Suzanne Levine)


My essay, Tea in Tuy Hoa: A Writer Makes Peace With The Vietnam War, was published online in early May by Welcome Table Press. The piece is based on a keynote address I gave at Fairfield University’s MFA Creative Writing program, and it reconstructs a personal journey of 45 years from being in country to my return. It also discusses literature of the Vietnam War — novelists, poets and memoirists who tried to affect the public discourse. Among them: Tim O’Brien, Yusef Kumunyakaa, Hayden Carruth,Tobias Wolff, Michael Herr, Ron Kovic, Philip Caputo, and the Vietnamese poet Trinh T. Minh-Ha.