Lary is at work on the biography, Sol LeWitt: A Life of Ideas, to be published by FS&G. He has authored or co-authored eight other books, including:

The Writer Within (Bibliopola Press)


“Aspiring writers should heed his advice.”

 — Annie Dillard

“This book should be required reading for those who wish to become or already consider themselves part of the ‘community of language’ (a recurring Bloomism….The Writer Within is filled with magic.”

— Mike MacCarthy


The Test of Our Times, with Tom Ridge (St. Martin’s Press)

“The best book yet about [homeland security].”

 — Tony Blankley

“The singular perspective recommends his memoir to policy makers, students and concerned citizens.”

— Publishers Weekly




Letters From Nuremberg, with Christopher J. Dodd (Crown)


“A tour de force — a gold mine for historians.”

— Doris Kearns Goodwin

“Two important and absorbing books in one.”

  — Michael Beschloss

“An important contribution to history.”

— Elie Wiesel


When the Game is on the Line, with Rick Horrow (Perseus Books)

“Required reading for anyone interesting in the business of sports and the sport of business.”

— Newsweek


Lary Bloom’s Connecticut Notebook (Globe-Pequot Press)

“The fortunate reader is guided with grace to the understanding of meaningful lives. These are clear and delightful writings by a superb reporter of our ability to change and to love.”

David Hays

“Lary Bloom is a writer with an inquisitive nature, a sharp eye, and a warm heart…Written in a voice that is both affable and astute, this book is an entertaining and eye-opening read.”

Wally Lamb




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