Writing in Future Tense

In 2027, Donald Trump is planning a fourth term as president (he has declared the Constitution illegal) and the Supreme Court can’t do anything about it because it is reduced to one doddering justice who, at more than 100 years old, has forgotten everything she knows. Read about final case to come before the court in my new essay in (Un)common Sense, just published by Welcome Table Press.http://larybloom.net/2017/01/28/writing-in-future-tense/

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3 responses to “Writing in Future Tense”

  1. Mary Leger says:

    Dear Lary –
    Thank you for writing “in the future tense” and making me laugh out loud in the present. That mind of yours never ceases to entertain, delight, and inspire me. Thank you Lary.
    All the best and Happy happy New Year

    • larybloom says:

      Thanks, Mary. I think more than ever we all need to laugh out loud. Of course what makes one person do it may not make another. For example one reader said her favorite line was about the bong. This surprised me because I thought it was a throw away. Well, you never know. By the way, Suzanne and I were in Provence over the holidays. Loved it. Xo

  2. Carmen English says:

    I lol’ed, to be ‘hip’ about it. Your best entry to date. Carmen

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