Amalfi Calls Wally Again

wallhy and me photoThat’s Wally Lamb and yours truly looking at something in Praiano. Our gazes are upwards, obviously, so it’s not likely we’re peering at the unrepentant goat that ate Suzanne’s silk scarf. It may just be that we’re admiring the hillside town itself where Wally, Suzanne and I spent  a week last March with the first contingent of Praiano Writers and where we’ll meet (you?) for our second gathering next March.

Wally, of course, is getting a great deal of attention these days, on a book tour for “We Are Water” that leads him around the U.S. At these events, flyers for our writers program will no doubt attract many more applicants than necessary to fill the three vacant spots for the second iteration. So, if you have an inclination to sacrifice a week of your life in order to have to put up with great food, intimate instruction, informal moments with Wally, and magnificent views you must act. See   (“The best week of my life, outside of the birth of my children.” — Jacquelin Gorman, winner of the 2012 Flannery O’Connor Award.)


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  1. Adele Annesi says:

    Wish I could come – you never know!

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