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praiano photo2Questions for writers: How can you benefit from Amazon? How do you develop arcs for your characters? How do you create irresistible beginnings for novels or memoirs? And how can you resist Neapolitan paccheri con la zuppa di pesce? Well, then…

Be a part of the first Praiano Writers Conference with novelist Wally Lamb, poet Suzanne Levine and me, from March 17-23 on the Amalfi Coast. We’ve got an eager and talented group of participants already, but have room for a couple of more.  See

The wine is ordered, the view is spectacular, the food is, well — I suppose we could go on a hunt for a bad Italian meal, but we’d be disappointed. So what are you waiting for?




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  1. Come bello! Mi sembra un buon idee avere una conferenza artistica in Italia–la bella Italia! Vorrei sapere quando voi offrete un “Master Class” nella Musica–per esempio, forse per cantatrici?–e vengo io! Buon’divertimento e mangiate bene!

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